Check out the 5 restaurants with the most health violations in Lafourche-Terrebonne

2021-12-15 01:12:39 By : Ms. Krystal Ho

The Courier and Daily Comet obtained food safety inspection information for October 2021 from the Louisiana Department of Health.

The top 5 addresses with the most serious violations are listed, as well as an explanation of the investigation results provided by LDH. All restaurants on the list had at least five serious violations.

According to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, serious uncorrected violations are more likely to cause food contamination or illness. Less serious violations are not directly related to foodborne illness, but can become dangerous if not corrected.

A total of approximately 1,037 violations occurred in the parishes of Lafourche and Terrebonne, of which approximately 17% were serious violations.

Despite being flagged in earlier inspections, the same company still has repeated approximately 190 violations.

When the inspector was on site, the restaurant corrected approximately 322 reported errors.

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Most serious violations in this area are for:

Of the 237 addresses examined, 48 did not find any violations. Approximately 105 addresses have no serious violations.

Check for the latest available inspection information and information on how to file a complaint.

The following information about serious violations is listed by address. Some permit holders may have multiple locations. Check the database for additional information about food safety inspections.

5. Spigots Brew Pub (3 licenses) 622 Barrow St., Houma (10 violations total, 5 serious violations)

Service Bar (downstairs): 2 non-serious violations occurred on October 18

Service Bar (upstairs): No violations were found on October 18

4. Los Hispanos Supermarket (3 photos), 2132 Grand Caillou Road, Houma (a total of 12 violations, 5 serious violations)

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3. Cannata's Supermarket (6 licenses) 6307 W. Park Ave., Houma (13 violations in total, 5 serious violations)

Grocery store: 2 non-serious violations occurred on October 8

Meat market: 2 non-serious violations occurred on October 8

Seafood market: 1 non-serious violation occurred on October 8

DBA Sushi With Gusto (Sushi counter in Cannata): No violations were found on October 8

2. The Pit Stop Restaurant, 8045 Park Ave., Houma (24 violations total, 7 serious violations)

1. A & J Discount (2 licenses), 14568 W. Main St., Cut Off (21 violations in total, 8 serious violations)

Grocery store: a total of 8 violations, 3 serious violations

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