5t/24h Seawater Flake Ice Maker Machine with Bitzer Compressor

5T/24H Seawater Flake Ice Maker Machine with Bitzer compressorThe flake ice machine provides both commercial and industrial ice plants with cost-effective ice making solutions since it produces sufficient amount of flake ice with reliable operation, and its service life is quite long.Feature1. Our flake ice maker\'s evaporator h

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5T/24H Seawater Flake Ice Maker Machine with Bitzer compressor

The flake ice machine provides both commercial and industrial ice plants with cost-effective ice making solutions since it produces sufficient amount of flake ice with reliable operation, and its service life is quite long.
1. Our flake ice maker's evaporator has a hot dipped frame to avoid shrinkage, and X-ray is used to determine the soundness of welds to make sure that leakage will not take place.2. Thanks to the implementation of intelligent PLC controller and touch screen, this scale ice maker is able to offer diversified functions to facilitate ice making. For example, the stop time could be set in advance, and the operator could select his first language among different language choices. Moreover, remote control is available via the small touch screen, whilst failure record and instant solution are also provided, thus allowing operators to check and solve operational problems in time. In general, all these elaborated details give all-sided convenience, making our flake ice machine highly praised on the market.
Working Condition
1. Standard ambient temperature: 25ºC
2. Standard water inlet temperature: 20ºC
3. Evaporating temperature: -20ºC
4. Condensing temperature: 40ºC (air cooled) / 38ºC (water cooled)
5. Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz
6. Flake ice thickness: 1.6-2.3mm
7. Refrigerant: R404A (R22 and R717 are optional)
Daily Ice Production0.5t/24h1t/24h1.2t/24h1.5t/24h
Refrigeration Power (KW)
Power Consumption (KW)2.794.5757.07
Compressor Power (KW)
Reducer Power (KW)
Water Pump Power (KW)
Condenser Power (KW)
Power Supply3P/380V/50Hz3P/380V/50Hz3P/380V/50Hz3P/380V/50Hz
Water Pressure0.1Mp-0.5Mpa0.1Mp-0.5Mpa0.1Mp-0.5Mpa0.1Mp-0.5Mpa
Water Pipe1/2"1/2"1/2"1/2"
Dimensions (mm)1320×800×8001320×900×9001320×900×9001400×950×1000
Daily Ice Production2t/24h2.5t/24h3t/24h
Refrigeration Power (KW)11.616.1/14.817.2
Power Consumption (KW)8.3410.04/9.5411.11
Compressor Power (KW)7.28.9/8.49.97
Reducer Power (KW)0.370.370.37
Water Pump Power (KW)
Condenser Power (KW)0.680.680.68
Power Supply3P/380V/50Hz3P/380V/50Hz3P/380V/50Hz
Water Pressure0.1Mp-0.5Mpa0.1Mp-0.5Mpa0.1Mp-0.5Mpa
Water Pipe1/2"1/2"1/2"
Dimensions (mm)1500×1100×10451500×1250×12001640×1250×1250
Compressor (BITZER)25HP25HP40HP40HP
Ice output5t/24h5t/24h8t/24h8t/24h
Refrigeration capacity35kW37.8kW47kW50.8kW
Total power22.55kW22.84kW30.46kW33kW
Cooling modeAir coolingWater coolingAir cooledWater cooling
Compressor input power20.7kW20.3kW27.5kW27.1kW
Reducer power0.37kW0.37kW0.55kW0.55kW
Evaporator pump power0.12kW0.12kW0.37kW0.37kW
Water consumption0.2m3/h0.38m3/h0.34m3/h0.6m3/h
Feeding tube3/4"3/4"3/4"3/4"
Net weight960kg1050kg1450kg1670kg
Compressor (BITZER)2×30HP2×30HP3×30HP3×30HP
Ice output15t/24h15t/24h20t/24h20t/24h
Refrigeration capacity83.2kW85.1kW122.3kW127.6kW
Total power52kW54.5kW74.32kW77kW
Cooling modeAir coolingWater coolingAir coolingWater cooling
Compressor input power46.8kW45.9kW70.1kW68.9kW
Reducer power0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW
Evaporator pump power0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW
Water consumption0.625m3/h1.125m3/h0.83m3/h1.4m3/h
Feeding tube2×3/4"2×3/4"2×3/4"2×3/4"
Net weight3560kg2260kg4160kg3820kg
Compressor (BITZER)3×40HP3×40HP4×40HPRC2-410B-Z 180HP
Ice output25t/24h25t/24h30t/24h30t/24h
Refrigeration capacity145kW152.1kW202kW179.7kW
Total power89.5kW91.5kW108.4kW90kW
Cooling modeAir coolingWater coolingWater coolingWater cooling
Compressor input power79.4kW81.4kW97.9kW97.9kW
Reducer power0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW
Evaporator pump power0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW0.75kW
Water consumption1.61m3/h1.61m3/h1.95m3/h1.95m3/h
Feeding tube2×3/4"2×3/4"2×3/4"2×3/4"
Net weight4960kg4960kg5380kg5200kg

Note:  water cooling or air cooling mode can be chosen.

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