Snowkey Flake Ice Maker Small Fake Ice Machine Price

  Fresh flake ice machine application field 1 Concrete cooling project 2 Fishery and aquatic food processing 3 Mine temperature reduction 4 Food processing5 Artificial sking ground 6 Medical facilities 7 Dye chemical industry 8 Medium and large chain supermarket9 Fresh prese

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 Fresh flake ice machine application field 
1 Concrete cooling project 
2 Fishery and aquatic food processing 
3 Mine temperature reduction 
4 Food processing
5 Artificial sking ground 
6 Medical facilities 
7 Dye chemical industry 
8 Medium and large chain supermarket
9 Fresh preservation and cooling field application

Fresh flake ice machine condition 
Electrical require:         Full electric system complying,With the general international standard
Standard condilion:     Water inlet temp.16°C,  Amibenttemp:25°C
Application condilion:  Ambient temp.5°C~40°C, water temp. 0.5°C~35°C
Special condition:        Ambient temp.-30°C~60°C, water temp.0°C~46°C
Ice thickness:               1.5~2.2mm
Refrigerant:                   R717,R22 ,R404A,R507A 
 Snowkey Flake Ice Maker Small Fake Ice Machine Price
 Fresh flake ice machine feature 
 1 There are two options available
--A. Freon (R507, R404A, R22) refrigerantion units are usually applied in the small and medium size refrigeration systems.
--B. Ammonia (R717) refrigeration units are usually applied in large scale refrigeration.
2 Scientific design and many years of engineering experience.
--SNOWKEY will offer you the best scheme of tailor-made ice making machine system. We have not only supplied lots of ice flaker systems to customers from various places but also offered technological consultancy to them.
3 Safety and sanitation
--SNOWKEY always aims at manufacturing the products up to high sanitary standards. Every component of our ice machines is made of SUS30 stainless steel, pure aluminium alloy or PE material, so none of
our ice machine fall short of the international certification standards of HACCP and FDA. The ice produced by our ice machines is dry, pure, powerless and unlikely to lump in the lower part of the machines.
4 High reliability and low breakdown rate
--SNOWKEY ice machines has adopted and consolidated international ice machine produced and processing
technology and experience. Equipment structure is designed for resistance to high load and long-term use, through several decades of research, SNOWKEY has manufactured highly reliable ice flake equipment that can produce quality ice and stand over 26,000 hours of constant operation without breakdown. So far its products have found wide application in various fields all over the world.
5 High efficiency and energy saving
--We have optimize the design of ice flake units to ensure that SNOWKEY internally-scraping ice flake units can function constantly without wasting energy. We have also adopted a special kind of alloy material and patent processing technology to ensure efficient heat conductivity. The freezing surface of the ice produced by SNOWKEY ice machines is over 1750 Square Meter/ton. Compared with other brands of units, SNOWKEY flake ice maker can produce more ice when the same compressor is used.
6 Simple maintenance and convenient moving
--All our equipment is designed on the basis of modules, so its spot maintenance is quite simple. Once some of its parts needs replacing, it is easy for you to remove the old parts and install the new ones. Moreover while designing our equipment. We always take into full account how to convenience future moves to other construction sites.
7 Great adaptability and stable quality
--SNOWKEY products can ensure good running and normal ice output at the environmental temperature of 5~40°C,and its specially-designed type can guarantee normal running even in the most unfavorable
--SNOWKEY ice machine can be equipped inside the container, and within the contain we also equipped the air cooler to ensure the stable temperature. avoid affects from outside, especially every parts are strictly inspection and test before assemble. Offer our customers stable, reliable and durable ice machine is our eternal goal.
8 Outstanding electric control system
--1. SNOWKEY ice machine adopts world famous brand such as Siemens, Schneider, etc. The machine service life is accordingly prolonged,and the maintenance cost is reduced.
--2. Full automatic control improves the refrigeration performance of the compressor to the best and the COP value improved. Energy-saving and high efficiency is realized.
--3. The machine can be easily operated in a direct-viewing way. Such signals as simple screen configuration and detailed parameter adjustment of the whole machine can be displayed during the maintenance time.
--4. SNOWKEY flake ice machine can realized high speed data exchanging such as chain infomtation from production menu to production data Therefore the working efficiency of design, installation and maintenance is improved.


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