Icesta Air-Cooled Flake Ice Machine (15TN/ 24HR)

 ICESTA Air-cooled Flake ice machine (15TN/24HR)Basic features: a. Superb Stability and reliability, long use life. b. User friendly design, intellectualized PLC touch-screen controllerThe intellectualized PLC touchscreen control&

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Icesta Air-Cooled Flake Ice Machine (15TN/24HR)

Icesta Air-Cooled Flake Ice Machine (15TN/24HR)
Icesta Air-Cooled Flake Ice Machine (15TN/24HR)

ICESTA Air-cooled Flake ice machine (15TN/24HR)

Basic features:

a. Superb Stability and reliability, long use life. 

b. User friendly design, intellectualized PLC touch-screen controller

The intellectualized PLC touchscreen control system, user-friendly designed, which is very convenient for operator. The intellectualized historical failure record-function and guidance of trouble-shooting makes easier and simple operation and maintenance. 

c. Sub-cooled ice, excellent fast cooling in few minutes

d. Low maintenance and operation cost

Super performance offers trouble-free operation, with much less maintenance probability than other brands of ice flakers.

e. Energy-efficient and cost saving

f. Seawater usage

Special design with stainless steel ice drum could use seawater for your choice.


Main functions of Flake Ice:


Always used in the field of aquatic food & meat product processing, leather processing, fowl butchering, dye chemical industry, supermarket or seafood restaurant or mines...Etc for its clean ice and convenience as well as low cost to keep food fresh. The flake ice machine is warmly welcomed for its clean, shapeliness, whiteness, glittering and translucent as well as low temperature to firstly keep fresh such as fish, meat and chicken then show a good view to the visitor and customers.


Product details:

TOP-Quality Ice Making Evaporator (Drum)

*UNIQUE Strict ICESTA quality control system (ERP SYSTEM controlled)

*Delicate welding technics with X-RAY. Never leak

*SS 304 (stainless steel) Ice making drum (generator)

*All the material meet the HACCP request. 

*Stainless steel cutters.

*Energy-efficient & high-sufficiency for ice production

----With the unique water distribution pan and air mouth, pure water evenly flows to the tube wall of the evaporator spirally, which improves the efficiency of heat transfer.

----As soon as ice off, the water of low temp. is using for ice-making, which saving energy & increasing the drum volume of production of ice

----Air pressure control excludes the risk of rupture of the evaporator drum. .

 Refrigeration System

*Superb Stability and reliability, long use life.


----Refrigeration can be used many times due to the tight, high quality refrigeration system


PATENTED H-M Control System

Unique Vivid H-M Interactive control system

Give user access to the automatic electrical system which performs sequences for freezing and thawing precisely and dependably then makes great convenience to the customer to operate the machine and settle the trouble. 

1. All the running status playing live in touch-screenconvenient as your FAMILY air-conditioning.

2.Perfect failure & trouble-shooting querying system with red warning signal flicker if any failure occurred.

3.Stop-time could be set at your will.

4.The thickness of the flake ice could be adjustable with setting the icing time. 

Daily Output15t/24h
Cooling Capacity ( KW )83.2
General Power (KW )52
Compressor Input ( KW )46.8
Reducer Power ( KW )0.75
Pump Input ( KW )0.75
Power Supply3P/380V/50Hz
Water pressure0.1Mp - 0.5Mpa
Cooling ModelWater Cooling
Wate Inlet/drain pipe2*3/4"

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